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  • Customizable services tapered to your businesses needs
  • Affordable payroll processing fees
  • Ability to process payroll anywhere at anytime

BayPay was created as a simple solution to the small and medium business owner's payroll needs.  As part of a family of small businesses, BayPay Payroll realizes that convenience, flexibility and affordability are priceless to our business owners.  Our services are tailored to meet the needs of small to medium size businesses who don't have the need for full-time payroll personnel but can't justify the expense of using one of our large corporate competitors for their payroll processing.


"BayPay has catered to my every need; reliable and attentive to every detail without all the little charges."

 "Personal service, honesty and prompt reliable service is what I get from BayPay. No doubt I am very satisfied with this company"

H. Patel Small business owner


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