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BayPay provides the comprehensive services of a large corporation payroll provider combined with superior customer services from our local payroll specialists.  Because no two businesses are alike, we will also work with you to customize your payroll services to meet your individual business needs.

At BayPay Payroll we realize that your payroll needs don't end on payday.  We offer an array of human resources, tax preparation and accounting services to supplement your payroll package which will give you the freedom to focus on what matters most... the growth and success of your business.

From one small business to another, BayPay Payroll looks forward to providing your payroll services.  

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Our payroll services work


"Let Bay Pay Payroll handle your payroll needs so you can get back to doing what matters most...your business."



* Annual & quarterly filings

* End of year W-2's

* New employee reporting & setup

* Reports sent to you each payroll period

* Self-reporting via website

* Access to record & reporting online

* Self-printed checks from office 

* Customize reporting of hours

* Periodic employee updates

* Direct deposit

* Bay Pay help desk

* Process 401k contributions

* Health benefit deductions

* Employee savings plans

* Garnishment transmittal

* Email of paystubs

* Workers compensation reports

* Certified payroll reports

* Labor law materials

For accurate, convenient and fast payroll processing contact a BayPay representative today!